Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Saturday 8th February at The NewBridge Project

Chris is currently on a residency at The NewBridge Project supported by Northern Film + Media and ran an Unravel workshop in their book shop which is in the middle of Newcastle.
An especially vibrant film was made that spliced detailed and meticulously studied sections using spray paint and hole punches to more energetic scribbles by some of the younger participants who joined us. Thanks to everyone who came down or helped out during the day - it was great fun!

You can follow Chris's progress through his residency at the Connect Exchange website here
(Don't miss the Film Material Soup #9 event coming up on the 15th Feb)

Next up... Maria runs our workshop in London at the Pumphouse Gallery

Friday, January 24, 2014

Upcoming dates!

Happy newish year!
We've got some brand new dates coming up in February at opposite end of England. Maria will be running a workshop at the Pumphouse Gallery on the 16th February in London whilst Chris will be running a public workshops during his residency at the NewBridge Project in Newcastle as part of the Connect/Exchange programme initiated by Northern Film and Media on Saturday 8th February.
Come back for more details nearer the time. Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Saturday 15th June, Dunoon Film Festival

Jo and Maria were on the road again in June, to hold a workshop at the inaugural Dunoon Film Festival. After two trains and one ferry (and a big splash of sea-waves for Maria) they spend two fantastic days in Dunoon, a beautiful sea-side town with a rich history as a coastal resort for holidaying Glaswegians coming down the River Clyde.

The workshop took place on Saturday the 15th of June, at Burgh Hall, a beautiful building undergoing much needed rennovation thanks to a passionate and determined local initiative:
We recorded interviews with some of the engineers, architects and community activists involved in the restoration; it will all be included in the final soundtrack.

The Unravel workshop was sponsored by Dunoon Community Radio, and DJ Sam invited Jo and Maria to the studio for an interview and some tunes:

It was a real pleasure to have been part of this festival. A big thanks to Matt Lloyd Co-curator and Producer of the Festival and Kirtsin Innes PR. 

Friday, July 05, 2013

Next workshop in Liverpool - Kazimier Garden Project on Sunday 14th July

Looking forward to being part of the excellent Kazimier's Garden Project  on Sunday 14th July - although we wish we there the same weekend as their upcoming date with the incredible Shangaan Electro who run a workshop there on the 20th July ;):

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Please sign this petition to keep the National Media Museum open...

A plea from Chris:
We've visited and run workshops at the National Media Musem twice with Unravel, they've installed our work as a work in progress too, not to mention the inspiration and support they have offered countless generations and families visiting Bradford to spark interests in the moving image.
 Personally, I visited the museum multiple times as a child, and it undoubtedly left its mark on myself - as I know it did on many of the artists and film makers who were able to visit such an amazing and innovative museum outside of London.
It would be a total loss to the country if this museum was allowed to close due to cuts by the Government and the Science Museum in London. Please, please sign!
Thank you.

UPDATE - Thanks to everyone who signed the petition, the news is that the museum has been saved at least for now -
Why not show your support for the museum by attending this summer!
Chris x

Dunoon Festival Saturday 15th June

Looooooong time since an update but we had some awesome workshops at Flatpack Festival and The Royal Standard with some photo evidence to prove it soon.
But this post is dedicated to the workshop we will be running at the inaugral Dunoon Film Festival which looks to be a wonderful and beautiful place. Maria and Jo will be running the workshop which takes place on Saturday at Burgh Hall from 11:00-14:00 and as always, free, and open to all.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Friday 1st March, Sixth Form Masterclass at Turner Contemporary

On the first of March, Chris re-joined the team at Turner Contemporary, and together with artist Matt Rowe, and Make Do and Draw, made collaborative work with local sixth formers in response to the three gallery shows currently in the gallery spaces - Rosa Barba, Carl Andre and J.M.W.Turner .
This is the video of the results that were all made within the day's workshops: